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My dad en I


a long time ago

when I was a little girl

maybe 7 years old I was

I remember my father

a man who was always moving

never dull and never stood still

but like any child , I wanted to make contact

and bond with him as my father

So I learned there was only one way

to move along with him

trying to understand and follow all the things that fascinated him

philosophy, psychology, art, history, mythology and many other

I remember having this little notepad in which I wrote everything down

you discussed and mentioned to me

well at least I tried

I remember the one quote, which I believe is from Voltaire “reasoning were one should feel, belongs to those who are small in mind. “I am not sure if this translations is correct but I understand the meaning. Those moments with my father were so valuable. I must go and look for that notebook, which I am sure is hidden somewhere amongst my treasures of the past. Thanks dad for those interesting lessons in live. N.J.S.B.

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